Using SLF-100 to Grow an Eco-Friendly Garden

Our store sells SLF-100 in 1-quart containers for $35 and 1-gallon containers for $125.  A 1-gallon jar is shown in the picture.  Every hydroponic setup needs to have SLF-100.  It is an enzyme-based solution that has been used in hydroponic systems for over 18 years and has been shown to work. It is a 100% organic recipe that is on the OMRI list and is made to get rid of salts. SLF-100 is a cleaner for soilless media and hydroponic systems. It starts working right away to keep your system running smoothly and free of toxic buildup.

SLF-100 works in all stages of plant growth and can be used with all nutrients, fertilizers, and root chemicals. H2O2 can also be used with SLF-100. Because of a special mix of naturally occurring enzymes, SLF-100 is neutral in terms of PH and does not have any extra sugars or NPK.

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About the SLF-100

SLF-100 is an organic microbe-based chemical cleaner for hydroponic and aeroponic systems, clone machines, and a nutrient boost for soilless growing media. Newton Hayes and South Cascade Organics came up with SLF-100 18 years ago, when Hayes and his family ran an organic veggie farm. When the SLF-100 Concentrate is mixed with water, it breaks up salts in the form of phosphorus and calcium bonds that can build up on your topsoil or growth media or get stuck in your tools. It can be used by both professional and amateur growers to grow plants indoors and outdoors.

What's SLF 100?

Submerged Liquid Fermentation (SLF) is the process by which microbes that produce plant-beneficial microorganisms are produced. The pH-neutral solution contains no added carbohydrates or NPK and is derived from microorganisms added to several South Cascade Organics grass species. The four main bacteria in SLF 100 are: Pseudomonas putida (Phosphor solubilizer), a remarkable bacteria and antagonist for pythium and fusarium; Virgibacillus pantothenic, which aids in the production of ectoine and proline, allowing plants to adapt to environmental stressors such as temperature swings and inconsistent precipitation; Bacillus thuringiensis, which helps with some pest

What does Slf 100 do for my plants?

SLF 100 is made to be sprayed on the leaves of plants to help them grow well. It uses a unique mix of nutrients that can help plants grow more quickly and more efficiently and also protect them from pests and diseases. This product helps your plants stay healthy and strong in a few different ways.

The first way is because of how its nutrients work. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are all parts of SLF 100 that plants need to grow and develop. Trace elements like zinc, magnesium, sulfur, iron, boron, manganese, copper, and calcium are also found in them. This makes sure that your plants get just the right amount of food to stay healthy and strong.

Your plants will also be safe from pests and diseases when you use SLF 100. Its main ingredients have been shown to get rid of insect problems like aphids and mealybugs. It can also stop the spread of diseases caused by fungi, like white mildew or rust. By using SLF 100 on a daily basis, your plants will have more safety against these common problems.

The nutrient-rich recipe and disease-fighting qualities of SLF 100 help plants grow stronger and healthier. It's a simple and safe way to keep your garden healthy all season.

Hydroponics systems can be cleaned with the help of Slf 100.

In addition to helping your plants grow, SLF 100 can also be used to clean hydroponic systems. This is because it has a lot of good bacteria and enzymes that break down organic waste in a safe and effective way. Microbes and enzymes help keep the system clean by breaking down any dead plants or other trash that may have gotten stuck in it. This not only keeps the system in good shape, but also stops problems like clogging, blocks, and water from standing still.

When cleaning hydroponic systems with SLF 100, it should be put right on the spots where organic matter has built up. The best way to use it is to mix it with water so that it can spread evenly through the system. After it has been put on, it should be left alone for a few hours before being cleaned out with fresh water. During this time, the bacteria and enzymes will do their magic and help break down any organic matter that has built up in the system.

Using SLF 100 to clean hydroponic systems is a great way to make sure that these systems stay clean and don't get clogged or filled with buildup. Plus, it is safe for both people and plants because it is made from natural ingredients.


In the end, the SLF-100 is a great tool that has changed the way we take care of plants. It's been around for a long time, and we still use it because it's stable and easy to use for hydroponic gardening. It's easy to see why so many people swear by it. It can help us clean our hydroponic systems and give our plants the nutrients they need.

Overall, SLF-100 is a great tool that has made it much easier for me to take care of my plants. It saves me both time and money, and it also helps my plants stay healthy and grow. SLF-100 is a great option if you're looking for an easy-to-use answer that will help your garden look great.

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Our store sells SLF-100 in 1-quart containers for $35 and 1-gallon containers for $125.  A 1-gallon jar is shown in the picture.  Every hydroponic setup needs to have SLF-100.  It is an enzyme-based solution that has been used in hydroponic systems for over 18 years and has been shown to work. It is a 100%…